Saturday, 1 March 2008

Culitvating serenity!

So March is here already! As William Wordsworth said:

"It is the first mild day of March
Each minute sweeter than before...
There is a blessing in the air....

And from Simple Abundance, we read:
"March arrives, the last hurrah of winter and the first whisper of spring Slowly our spirits reawaken, along with the natural world, from a long winter's slumber. Branches that just days ago were bare, now blossom with new growth. Deep withiin we feel stirrings of hope."

I have been watching the forsythia at the bottom of our garden this week and seeing how it is gradually coming into flower.

I do love forsythia. It seems such a happy plant with its delicate bright yellow flowers and seems to pioneer the way for others.

It's been a busy week again and today has been good to stop for a while and potter and ponder.

Time for some serenity amidst the craziness of life. Time to concentrate on the moment, what is just happening right now and enjoy it - whether it be gazing at the forsythia, making rock buns or listening to The Most Peaceful Classical Album in the World - Ever! So often we are running about trying to do seven things all at the same time (and I am a great one for this) but in doing so we miss so much. We need to give ourselves permission more often to concentrate on one task at a time and to notice the things around us.

So tomorrow is Mothering Sunday and as I was pondering I was drawn to this delightful statue of a mother and daughter which someone gave me last year.
I have mixed feelings about tomorrow as I remember my own Mum who is no longer with us. However this statue evokes some of the feelings I remember about my own girls who are all coming tomorrow and indeed coming to make lunch! Those moments when you end up dancing and twirling around the living room or the kitchen to some music or some song you are singing together are precious indeed. I am a very blessed woman to have four very lovely daughters. We may just have to watch that old version of Little Women tomorrow!!!
Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and try cultivating serenity soon. It will restore and reawaken your inspiration.....

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driftwood said...

what lovely sentiments - hope your mothers day was truly lovely.