Saturday, 23 February 2008

Home alone - and having fun!

I've had a rare day by myself. Hubby was away working and daughter no.4 went to Oxford to see a friend and the opera Madame Butterfuly (amazing what these 20 yr olds get up to!!) then on to her new experimental pattern cutting course in London. Before she left she put her order in for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting so that was one thing I managed to do today
It was a near miss though as I had it in the oven without the grated carrot at one point!! I must have got completely distracted and having set aside the carrot, I was gaily mixing all the other ingredients and I remember thinking that this mixture didn't look very much when it was in the tin but it's a while since I made one so I just brushed it off. Then I put it in the oven, shut the door and looked on the counter top and saw the carrot so out it came and after a bit of a mess, went back in. Anyway it tasted very good and daughter no.4 said how glad she was to be home!
So what else have I been doing all day? Well, putting a border on the quilt I am making and cutting the batting and backing pieces.
This is all new for me from here on as I have only ever done handpiecing patchwork before.
I did have a go at another little something which is for a dear friend who lives in New Jersey whose birthday is coming up. It leaves a lot to be desire in the finishing stakes but it smells gorgeous as it is filled with homegrown and harvested lavender!

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driftwood said...

the cakes looks yummy - and your story about the carrot made me laugh, I've done that sort of thing before, at least you rescued it in time!
loving the quilt, and that heart is so cute, your friend will love it.