Friday, 30 September 2011

GPP Street Team Crusade no.55

Here was another fun challenge set by Michelle Ward and here I am snucking in at the last minute!  Well I have hardly had a minute to do art with all the comings and goings here but a little bit of time on my own tonight has made it all possible.  I started with some cardstock and a starfish stamp.

Then I chose my colours - my favourite teal and a lovely sunshiney yellow - can you believe we have been having temperatures of 29 degrees (87 F) here in London this week?!!  Hotter than it has been for 100 years and hotter than Mexico apparently!!

So a variety of printing takes place, teal on teal, yellow on teal

yellow and teal make green!

At this point I got a bit bored and decided to add a raspberry to the proceedings!

 And I liked it a lot!
And you can really see the texture of the stamp here

A fun and speedy challenge and a great way to get back into art-making.  Thank you again Michelle - you are amazing!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Arrivals, departures, arrivals!

Yes, it's that time again in the Tea and Toast household where we are off to Heathrow to pick up daughter no.1 who has just spent 3 weeks in Brazil working with street children.  She went there to make a film and to do what she loves to do - art and crafts with the boys and girls.  It was both challenging and rewarding.   How I love standing at the arrivals barrier - the excitement and anticipation is always there for me.  I love watching people reunited with their friends and families after a journey away and then seeing my lovely walk through those doors safe and well!
While she has been gone I have been busy with the quilt I started, dare I say it, last year!  Anyway it is now almost finished apart from a wash and dry and a love lable.  Of course someone had to test it out first!

It's not really clear from these photos but I have hand stitched hearts all the way round the strawberry border

So daughter no. 1 is just here for 3 days before she sets off again for another job in Dubai!   Then a week later we go to pick up daughter no.4 who is finishing her year in Paris and is coming home to complete her degree!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thoughtful Friday 143

"The greatest investment in a day is
a dangerous unselfishness wrapped
in joy and tied with ribbons of
laughter and learning, understanding 
and compassion."
Mary Anne Radmacher

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I love the Lake District!

Last weekend I met daughter's 2 and 3 for a weekend in the Lake District to celebrate daughter no.2"s birthday!  It was fantastic!!  We stayed a lovely B&B where our hosts could not have been friendlier or more hospitable.  We woke up to homemade bread, homemade jam - all organic - scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and plenty of fairtrade tea and coffee.  On the Saturday we took a circular walk around part of Ullswater which was quite spectacular.

We left at 10.30 in the morning and got back at 8.30pm!!  Quite a walk!  But it was huge fun to be together and to see such fantastic scenery.  Just to be in the open, with space all around us and no-one else to be seen was such a tonic for the soul.  We'd love to go back sometime and take the rest of the family with us!!  And no doubt you will see more photos from this lovely time in thoughtful Friday's in the future (yesterday's was one of them!).  I think I might be quite happy to move there with hubby - so that is Devon and Cumbria as contenders for the next phase of life!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A special swap

A little while ago when I first signed up to the Cloth Paper Scissors UK network of lovely people, I had contact with someone called Frances.  She and I emailed one another several times and she warmly welcomed me as a newbie and I felt I had already made a friend.  CPS UK produce a newsletter every couple of months and I did a little piece siting some things I was happy to swap with someone.  You've guessed it!  I had a Danny Gregory book which was a duplicate in my library of crafts books and Frances was keen to swap it so we did a little exchange.  My little parcel went off with the Danny Gregory book inside and a little junk journal I had made especially for Frances (I didn't take a photo of this one unfortunately.  Then on Friday I had a wonderful surprise because the postman brought these wonderful things:

This book is amazing with so many exciting projects to do with many requiring only household items

A little sample of momigami paper - (kneaded paper using oil)

And a special sample of what Frances loves to create - this lovely pendant has a piece of lavender in it!!

A closer look!

and it was beautifully wrapped and inside this amazing paper bag!!
How lucky am I!!!!  Frances doesn't have a blog (yet!) and I have yet to meet her at one of our CPS UK events but I feel we know one another a little already.  There is something about the hearts of artists and crafters that seems to connect at a deeper level!!  Thank you Frances so much.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Thoughtful Friday 142

"....with an eye made quiet by the power
of harmony and the deep power of joy,
we see into the life of things."
William Wordsworth

Monday, 12 September 2011

Thoughtful Friday 141

"The challenge before us is to savor the unknown
and delight in the taste of possibility"
Mary Anne Radmacher

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

It has been really busy here at Tea and Toast as we have been away for a week in Devon (which was lovely despite the rain!) and then lots of comings and goings of daughters here, there and everywhere!  More of that another time but before any more time passes I want to show you my lovely stitched postcard that arrived some weeks ago now from Germany!
On a painted background of blue, purple and white there is red stitching in diamonds and then lovely felt hearts all stitched carefully around and onto the card.  What a treat to get this in the post!  This came from the lovely TJ who was in Germany but is heading back to the US after 9 years out there.  She can be found at so do take a look as there is some lovely artwork on there.  Thank you so much TJ!

Thoughtful Friday 140

"Life is curly.  Don't try to straighten it out."
Susan Scott