Sunday, 20 May 2012

Thoughtful Sunday 165

"We shall not cease from exploration 
and the end of all our exploring will be 
to arrive where we started
-- and know the place for the first time."
T S Elliot

Desire to Inspire Inspiration Deck

You might remember that here I showed 52 cards I made for Jessica's Desire to Inspire swap.  It was another fun project allowing a creative flow of ideas to fall on a pack of playing cards, each with an inspirational thought.  And the swap required us to send in our 52 cards so that Jessica would swap them all around and send us 52 different ones back!  Thank you Jessica for all your hard work!! I think she had over 100 responses!! So here is a glimpse of the lovely set I received:

 I couldn't show them all individually but it is a great selection of inspirational art and words and I am really glad to have them.

The Postcard Swap

Well it's been a long time but here I am again.  Lots of family stuff going on just now, some good (daughter no.4's catwalk collection at CSM and the culmination of her BA is tomorrow at 2pm), some not so good (MIL has had a stroke and the need to visit (4 hours one way) regularly now is something we are doing.

But I have not forgotten the lovely postcard swap that Hanna Anderson put together and from which I received some really beautiful cards which I want to share with you so here they are:

 Such a beautiful mix of style and technique; painting, collage, stitching, mosaic and below are a couple of envelopes I recived too.  One was a couple of book pages stitched together and one was a envelope made from a local map - great ideas.  Thank you Hanna for a really fun experience.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Thoughtful Friday 164

"It takes courage to stand in a place
you didn't know existed...
and learn from a view
you previously couldn't imagine"

Mary Anne Radmacher