Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Arrivals, departures, arrivals!

Yes, it's that time again in the Tea and Toast household where we are off to Heathrow to pick up daughter no.1 who has just spent 3 weeks in Brazil working with street children.  She went there to make a film and to do what she loves to do - art and crafts with the boys and girls.  It was both challenging and rewarding.   How I love standing at the arrivals barrier - the excitement and anticipation is always there for me.  I love watching people reunited with their friends and families after a journey away and then seeing my lovely walk through those doors safe and well!
While she has been gone I have been busy with the quilt I started, dare I say it, last year!  Anyway it is now almost finished apart from a wash and dry and a love lable.  Of course someone had to test it out first!

It's not really clear from these photos but I have hand stitched hearts all the way round the strawberry border

So daughter no. 1 is just here for 3 days before she sets off again for another job in Dubai!   Then a week later we go to pick up daughter no.4 who is finishing her year in Paris and is coming home to complete her degree!

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