Monday, 1 February 2010


He had a difficult childhood
beaten by his stepdad
ran away when he was 14
joined the Navy and got in with a not so good crowd
then he met the love of his life
they had one daughter who was the apple of his eye
25 years as a fireman, saving lives and being a hero
but he had a problem - alcohol - it made life messy
until the day he encountered the God of grace and love
miraculously he didn't need that 'drink' any more
he knew a joy and peace at last - something he had never known before
4 little granddaughters came along
bringing life and laughter in all its fullness
one even had hair his colour (a beautiful red).
The years past and he became carer for the one who had loved him so selflessly.
31st January 5 years ago, heavy with responsibility and
disorientated beause his dear one was in hospital with yet another chest infection,
he went out to get his newspaper
and eager to get back, ran in front of a speeding car.
A tragic end
no time for goodbyes
This was my dad.  I miss him.

"Joy and sorrow are sisters; they live in the same house"
Macrina Wiederkehr


driftwood said...

so sad. thinking of you xoxox

Tracy said...

Such a beautiful, loving tribute to your father, Sheila...thank for sharing it, and him with us. :o) ((HUGS))

Lorna J said...

love you mum