Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Creative Every Day - a birthday special

You will remember me telling you about my lovely friend who lost her mother just before Christmas and for whom I made my very first prayer shawl sending it off to her with a little prayer card.

Well, she has a very special birthday coming up with a 0 in it so I did some thinking  and came up with an idea based on one that my very talented and inspiring daughter no.4  came up with for one for her design projects at uni - sewing brown paper bags!  My take on the idea was to use a zigzag stitch and to use red thread with the brown paper.  I wanted to make 6 in all for I had 6 little gifts to go inside.  I thought about decorating the bags with stamped images etc but in the end decided to go with (my favourite!) tags and I am very pleased with the result.

Each tag has a word stamped on it which comes from the list of the fruit of the spirit in the Bible as my friend shares my Christian faith.  In fact we were prayer partners for years when she lived here in the UK and we would get up early to meet at her house for 7am to pray for 30 - 45 mins or so.  It was a special time as things were very difficult for both of us just then (a previous recession!) and supporting one another in this way was such an encouragement.  She now lives back in the US.

It is such a joy to put this all together for her just now.  I've put them all in a shoe box together with this card which I made

and wrapped it in beautiful paper (sorry no photo - got carried away with wrapping!).  So I am off to the post office this morning to send it on its way to the US with lots and lots of love.

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driftwood said...

so very lovely - have you seen lina's envelope tutorial at sewmamasew?

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