Thursday, 25 February 2010

Postcard Joy!

As part of Hanna's postcard swap, I have been receiving such beautiful cards over the last week.  I now have five and there are five more to come!  Just take a look at all this wonderful creativity:

Can you believe that Carlin made 10 of these to giveaway?  Isn't it just gorgeous?

These colours are just so delightful and on the back is a 'Howdy from Texas' but I don't know any other details or have a link, but thank you so much Ann if you pop in to see this.

Another beautiful colourway here and a background (which you cannot see in this small photo) which has been layered and painted .  Again I don't have a link to share with you but if you are the very kind and creative person who sent this to me - thank you so much!

How fab is this?  And how unusual?  I love it! Thank you so much Charlotta.

And finally for now the postcard I used for my thoughtful Monday (instead of the usual Friday as I was away):

And again I don't have any link to share with you as the wonderfully creative person who made this didn't leave their details.  Thank you so much if you happen to pop in here.  
I'll be sure to let you see the rest when they arrive.

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