Sunday, 11 October 2009

Just two weeks to go!

Yes, things are getting busy round here wedding-wise!  Lots of shopping for ribbon, centre pieces for the tables, paper and card for orders of service and place cards.  Lots of playing around with ivy, candle lanterns and somethingto contain coffee beans for the tables - a novel idea don't you think?!!.  Lots of making of place cards (rubber stamping by me) and designing orders of service (hubby's role). Lots of talking about logistics - who will take the bridesmaids to the church, who will take me and mother in law to the church?!! How many tables are there?  Who is going to do the table plan?  Numbers or names for the tables? And I know you won't believe it but what shall I wear?!!!!!  But it's fun and I love my family very much and this really is just SO exciting.


driftwood said...

all sounds wonderful, I'm intrigued by the coffee beans! xxx

Tracy said...

Only two! That's just day! I'm sure you're all a jangle of nerves and excitement and getting to-do lists done... Enjoy this happy time. :o) ((HUGS))