Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A crafty update

It's been a while since I told you about my craft endeavours so here we go:

A nice woolly hat for daughter no.4's boyfriend's birthday, knitted from hand dyed and hand spun yarn given to me by a kind friend of the family!  My first time knitting with this type of yarn.

A crochet scarf in a new pattern I am trying (Queen Anne's lace I believe) and crocheted using a Noro yarn which I bought last year - only problem is I didn't buy enough so am waiting on another ball coming in the post. So while I am waiting I got on with another one, this time in yarn from a giveaway from the lovely Tracy.

Fancy a closer look?

A variety of papercrafting using rubber stamping, alcohol inks and the like.

Then we have the wonderful quilting project for daughter no.3.  I have chosen to handquilt it so lots of tiny stitches everywhere and it will take quite a while....

The back of this quilt is in a delightful blue with tiny white dots - I absolutely love it but unfortunately the photos don't do either side justice.

Then there is some knitting with more of the hand spun wool given to me and this time I am knitting some handwarmers

And a lovely crochet project that is unplanned - let's just see how it goes, what might happen, go with the flow...

There are other things but I will stop here - that's enough for today!!  I love having so many projects on the go and doing what I choose at any one time; a little bit of quilting and a little bit of crochet or a little bit of knitting.  I think (actually I know!) I am an options girl!  I just love to have options - what about you?


driftwood said...

wow, so many projects, and the wedding planning . I've got knitting, crochet, a baby quilt and a sofa cover on the go, and I can't settle to any of them........ xx

Tracy said...

OMG, Sheila...for but one week to go before your daughter's wedding, you've been incredibly busy on the crafty front--WOW!! Just so many terrific projects. I love the variety you delve into. That crochet scarf looks sooo good in that bright aqua-blue wool!! What pattern have you used for this--love it! The quilt is so lovely too. Just wonderful everything! Happy weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

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