Monday, 19 October 2009

Piccadilly Circus!!

I just need to look at this lovely image and get some calm!  It's been a crazy weekend.  So many comings and goings.  Saturday began with a lovely breakfast with daughter no.2 (croissants and homemade fig jam) then daughter no. 4 arriving; daughter no.3 and fiance arriving and then daughter no.1 arriving.  This was followed by the dressmaker arriving to fit the bridesmaid dresses - beautiful!  Just said goodbye to the dressmaker and the doorbell went and it was the hairdresser who came to do daugther no.2's hair and also daughter no.1.  30 minutes later the doorbell went again and a friend arrived to see daughter no.2 and so it went on.  I was busy with coffee, then lunch for 8, admiring new haircuts, finding necessary accessories, talking through plans, putting shopping away, making homemade soup and so on.  By 3pm those left in the house were exhausted.!!  Time to sit down and catch up with daughter no.4 who was busy working on her Uni assignment for her menswear design course.  I picked up my knitting - "oh Mum, you wouldn't make a little swatch for me would you?"  "Sure, what do you need?"  There followed two little swatches in handspun yarn and variegated yarn and before you know it, it was time for supper.  This week is going be a busy one!

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Tracy said...

It is very circus-y there just now...perhaps just keep the door wide open?! ;o) That image is lovely...very serene and calming... Hoping it's helping you this week. Have a great one! :o) ((HUGS))

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