Sunday, 18 October 2009

She's back!

It was just soooooooooo exciting on Friday.  Daughter no.2 was making her way back from Uganda for the wedding and all day I was preparing and thinking about her.  We set off for Heathrow around 2.30pm to pick her up just after 4pm.  I just love waiting at the arrivals barrier.  I always get there far too early and strain my eyes to see who is coming through the door.  You know the scene, I am sure.  You stand at the barrier, having first made certain that you are in the best place to be seen by the person arriving through the door.  You keep looking earnestly, not daring to turn away for fear you will miss that important moment when you spot them and they spot you.  The excitement mounts as you watch loved ones great each other after time apart.  Your eyes are straining, shouldn't they be through by now? Must be patient.  Then, suddenly you see them, you wave frantically and run to meet them, throwing your arms around them.  It's been a while you see, ten months actually since we have seen daughter no.2 although we have talked often on the computer but without video as where she is in Uganda doesn't have access to the internet except intermittently.  At last we are together again and talk all the way home in the car, catching up on news, stories of what's been going on and thinking of the big day ahead in a week's time.  Oh, it's so lovely to see her again.  Each daughter is so precious in their individual way. These will be treasured moments, these next two weeks while she is here.  I feel very privileged to be a wife and mother and to know these moments of joy.


driftwood said...

what lovely words Sheila. have a wonderful week together before the big day xxx

Tracy said...

Gosh, Sheila...all teary-eyed here, in a very good way... what a loving post! Sharing in the JOY with you! :o) Happy week...just days now until the grand day! ((HUGS))