Saturday, 30 January 2010


One January night we finally spoke
after admiring from afar
such a romantic beginning
our hearts burned within us
love and commitment from the start
married a year later
now 33 years on
still our hearts burn
with love for each other
and I am so grateful
that you are the one
who loves me like no other
who is my best friend
who is the left hand to my right hand
who believes in me when I doubt myself.
Thank you for these years and for being you
I look forward to another 33, and then some!
I love you.


driftwood said...

ahhhhh , that is the most romantic thing I've read........... congrats on your 33 years xoxoxox

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary belated, Sheila...May the love keep growing and blooming! :o) ((HUGS))