Thursday, 28 January 2010


bags  - plain brown bags and making them special for a special person

an idea from here and scroll down to the Jan 5th entry.  I love Jenny's blog and her new ideas.  Jenny was Editor in Chief for Stampington until recently when she left to creat her own company - Cresendoh and there are lots of exciting things going to happen over there very soon.  She is one very talented and creative lady with lots of very special connections.  This week she has been at the CHA craft show in the  US where she lives and has given a daily report on who she has met with links to their websites or blogs.  I feel as if I have been on tour with her and have made some new acquaintances!

 Stampington has to be one of my very favourite magazine publishers and craft suppliers.  It seems to me that they produce everything to such a high standard.  Although they are rather hard to find here in the UK, I have found a localish supplier (not good for the bank balance as they are rather expensive).  I particularly love the title "Where women create" which features the studios and creative areas of lovely women who craft in all sorts of mediums.  I also love Artful Blogging, Art Journalling and Somerset Studio and Somerset Life - in fact, let's face it, I love all of the titles!!

Inside these wonderful titles are pages like these

I confess to getting very excited by looking at these wonderful creations and they never fail to inspire me to give things a try. Thank you Jenny and your team at Stampington and I look forward to all you will share with us through Cresendoh.


Tracy said...

Your decorated bags are beautiful, Sheila--very special, like the gift you'll put inside them! LOVE the Stampington mags too--Artful Blogging being a big fave. ;o) So much fun to see all you've been doing with paper and bits lately. Happy crafting, my friend... And Happy Weekend ahead too! ((HUGS))

driftwood said...

oooh gorgeous! I have one copy of artful blogging that J brought me back from the states once. It is very well loved xx

olive said...

I agree I LOVE all the Stampington magazines, when i lived in USA i bought them all....... I still get them when i can. They are so beautiful.... got to you through Jenny Doh's blog. It will be interesting to see her new venture. Ciao