Friday, 7 March 2008

A treasure found

I found this darling cup and saucer with violets on it and the delightful crocheted mat/traycloth at a local charity shop. I was particularly glad to find the cup and saucer as I love violets. My mother's name was Violet and they were special to her too. The hyacinth beside it broke off and I had it in a vase together with some daffodils for a while.
So the weekend is almost here and tomorrow we are up early again dashing off to Heathrow to fetch my Canadian friend who is on her way back from Angola via England. We are hoping to go to a local quilt show tomorrow which will be fun. Hope you all have a great weekend and don't get too blown about with all the gales that are forecast.

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driftwood said...

my Gran's name was Rose, and she loved to collect tea cups with Roses on!
hope you have a lovely visit with your friend and have fun at the quilt show, photos please.
mmmm gales, must go and tidy up the things that blew round the garden last week when it was windy!