Thursday, 13 March 2008

Inspiration part 2

I found in our libary the book "Shabby Chic" by Rachel Ashwell, founder of the trend and it is delightful. This is a picture of her inspiration board - sorry the photo doesn't really do it justice but it is a combination of fabrics, sketches, ideas, embellishments etc as she began to rennovate her new house. I love the idea of an inspiration board and have already started collecting things to put on there - photos I love, fabrics, trimmings etc. Of course if you put 'inspiration boards' into google you will find a lot of other examples of things people have done which makes for very interesting and light reading, if like me, your head is tender and you are having to take life a bit easy!
Another inspiring image here from the book. A lovely dresser full of gorgeous china. Ahhhh..... one day....maybe!
And how about this lovely image from the current issue of Country Living magazine? Who wouldn't like to be ambling down a flower strewn lane like this right now?
Back in the real world I think it is time for another lemsip and then back to bed!!!

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driftwood said...

lovely pictures, feel better soon. xxx