Friday, 7 March 2008

A happy mother!

Look what I had for mother's day! It is a fabulous book with so many lovely projects, even crocheted letters of the alphabet which I have never seen before. I had a lovely day taking it quietly really (apart from ironing 15 shirts - don't ask!) and all four daughters cames for lunch and stayed for the afternoon. They cooked an amazing exotic fish pie with prawns, salmon, haddock and cod, purple sprouting broccoli and then for dessert daughter no.1 made a tiramisu based on a cooking programme she is currently editing for channel 5 with Carluccio. She did it all from her memory of the visuals and without any recipe! Then sure enough we did watch the old version of Little Women and it was lovely. It seem several worlds away though compared to society today but a wonderful little escape on a Sunday afternoon.

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driftwood said...

what a perfect day, and what thoughtful and talented girls you have!