Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Here I am at 4.30am sitting in the living room feeling pretty unwell. It would appear I have a virus which includes a hacking cough, the chills, headache etc. With guests here, it really has been a case of mind over matter these last couple of days but last night I had to excuse myself and go and lie down on the bed. However I did manage to accomplish what I had planned! Roast chicken dinner for 9 with all the trimmings followed by a dessert called Danish Peasant Girl with a Veil which is basically stewed applies, amaretti biscuits crumbled and whipped cream.
My sadness was though that I didn't make it to church yesterday as usual. I was scheduled to do the reading and felt it was a privilege to be doing it on Easter Day but alas I could not speak without coughing so dearly beloved hubby had to do it instead.

Here is a photo of our Easter table! I had to go out in the snow (not much here compared to others) to get forsythia for the table and had made an egg cosie for each person and filled it with chocolate eggs.

Actually it doesn't look much on the photo but the yellow and white theme did actually look quite nice and there were little chicks dotted about too.

I also made an Easter cake. This was one of Nigella's from Nigella Bites with a chocolate ganache icing (double cream heated to just before boiling, then add broke good choice chocolate and mix, leave to cool then spread and allow for drippage!, very yummy).
I gather from the rest of the crew that this cake tasted good. By the time we got to teatime I couldn't eat anything as my tummy felt so full of cough mixture, lemsip and paracetmol!
I am really hoping that I feel better as the day goes on today. I feel pretty weak and am racked with coughing so hard. We were planning an excursion with the older folk to a garden centre but not sure I feel up to it. I need to work up the energy to provide the much anticipated breakfast (well much anticipated by daughter no.4 anyway!) of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and are free from the ills and chills of the season.


driftwood said...

oh poor you! I really hope you feel better soon, your easter decorations look lovely, and I really think a nice big bit of that cake and a cup of tea will make you feel better. xx

The Hobbit said...

I hope you are feeling better,saying a little prayer that all is well in your neck of the woods