Monday, 7 January 2008

The Trip to Fabric-Land and Lens Mills

I have promised to let you see my stash from Fabric Land in Toronto! The shop was closing down so had a 50 - 70% sale on and I bought some Christmas fabric which is soooooo expensive here in the UK. I had a look in John Lewis just before Christmas and it was £14 a metre.

My friend and I are making a quilt together, that is we are both making the same quilt using 12inch blocks and she is doing one set of colours and I am doing another set. So far I have done two blocks of green and my other colours are red and purple so we shopped for some fabric that would do just nicely for our quilts - on sale at 50% off of course!

This photo doesn't really do the colours justice - they are gorgeous.

And as I love hearts so much and saw this fabric - well - I just had to make a small purchase!
So I am a lucky gal and now all I have to do is decide how I am going to use all this wonderful fabric. If you have any ideas do let me know.

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driftwood said...

oooh it looks gorgeous, lucky you!
crazy mom quilts is doing a quilt along, and I'm sure there are others about, might be a nice way to make you cut into it (the worst part of fabric buying for me - I like to sit and look at it for weeks!)