Friday, 4 January 2008

Back in time to miss minus 17 degrees!

Yes, we are back safe and sound and have had a wonderful trip to our friends in Toronto. It was a very busy 10 days in all with 9 of around the table most of the time but a few days when there were 13. So lots of time in the kitchen helping my friend to cook meals and to clear up but also some fun trips. Somehow my camera didn't want to come out all that much - maybe because it was soooo cold and I need my glasses to take the photos so that means a bit of a carry-on getting them out of the bag etc. Hubby took about 400 photos and they are really good ones but I don' t have them on this computer yet. So I'll have to keep you in suspense!

Some trips we made:

Blackcreek Pioneer Village - a recreated village set up as it would have been in pioneer days with real workers e.g a Cooper making barrels, a Blacksmith making horsehoe irons, a lady sewing on a very old treadle sewing machine and lots more. Each building was decorated as it would have been back then, lots of dried fruit, pine, fir and red bows. We had some lunch in the restaurant there - corn chowder served in tin bowls and coffee in tin mugs with waitresses in long skirts and home baked corn bread - mmmmm delicious. No photo yet but soon.

Niagra on the lake - lovely village outside of the falls with wooden houses all lit up for Christmas with tasteful decorations and shops like the Rocky Road Chocolate Shop.
Now blogger seems to be unable to load my other photos...... so.... maybe this will just have to be text.
We got to the falls when it was dark so saw all the different coloured lights like blue, green and red being shone on them. But it was soooooooooo cold we had to dive into a restaurant for a hot chocolate.

Well maybe that is all for now - more in the next few days about my trip to Fabric-land - what a name! It says it all and boy did I have a good time there as it was 50-70% off all fabric because they were closing down!!! Now I do have some photos of this!

And I actually managed to make a scarf for daughter no. 2 while I was there using very nice Rowan chunky knit in a pale aqua and she wore it home on the plane!

I'll be back with more tales and hopefully some photos.

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driftwood said...

wow, sounds like a great trip, fabric land - I want to go!
looking forward to lots of photos.