Friday, 25 January 2008

Home at last!

It is so good to be home and in my own bed! I think I realise just how much of a home-bird I am. It's funny really when I look back I can imagine the idea of a couple of nights away from home when the children were all young and demanding would have been very attractive but right now it is a bit of a wrench in all sorts of ways.

It was very soothing to come back and go on the computer and link up with all you lovely crafty people and to see what you have been up to. Very soothing in fact, to pick up the gentle arts again and to peek through the windows of so many delightful bloggers and pick up the threads of their doings over the week - a new pattern here, a new discovery there, a recommended recipe or some musings on a beloved book.

This weekend I have to go away again!!!, for a course I am doing, so more packing of little suitcase and trying to remember all the things I will need over the course of two and half days. I am back on Sunday after lunch though so will have just a little time at home again before Monday and next week I am going to try travelling to the job there and back every day!!

This is not a very good picture of the scarf I have almost finished now for daughter no.3. It is a very pretty wool. I have taken up a subscription for Let's Knit magazine - just for three months - as I have enjoyed the last two issues and they aren't always easy to find in the local newsagents.

So, onwards and upwards to finish the packing and some housework! Hope you all have a great weekend and manage to get lots of projects finished or started or selected for your 'I would like to do in 2008' list. (I think I might just pack those socks I have started - you never know if there might just be a moment when you need to just do a few rows!)

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driftwood said...

hope you can enjoy a few hours at home before you have to leave.
that knitting looks lovely, gorgeous colours. x