Sunday, 6 January 2008

Burnt offerings and distraction!

Over the last couple of days I have burnt dinner and a set of muffins because I was completely distracted with the internet!!! A dangerous sign don't you think at the beginning of the year! I have now promised myself that I will look out my timer and use it!
However progress has been made these last few days and I have begun lists of things that need attention this year - house, garden, crafting projects (knitting, crochet and quilting initially) plus I have put all the necessary dates and anniversaries, birthdays etc into my new diary. Only a week to go before I start a new day job taking me far away from home three days a week and at least one night!!! Must have a knitting or crochet project for the journeys - public transport you understand not driving!! Hubby and I have also sat down and looked at the schedule of people staying, weekends away for work or other purposes, conferences and the like and these are all now in the diary.
So how about some more Canada photos. Let's see if I can get this working.....
The house we stayed at just outside of Toronto.
The weaver at Blackcreek Pioneer Village
The Cheese Boutique!!! Every conceivable cheese from everywhere in the world. How about cheese made with (top layer) morning goat's milk, (bottom layer) evening Goat's milk with a layer of mountain ash inside? Actually it was very tasty!
Another picture of Niagra on the Lake Village at dusk.
The falls at night.
And because blogger is taking sooooooo long to load photos just now I will have to leave it at that for today I think. More from fabric land coming soon.

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driftwood said...

love the photos!
sounds like you are going to be really busy, hope you get a good project to take with you.
Our computer is in the kitchen and I burn things all the time when I'm cooking, and I stop to check bloglines!