Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Beret and the socks

Here is a finished picture of the beret I made for daughter no.2 on a combination of 7mm and 20mm needles using Rowan big wool. She phoned me to say she had received it in the post and loved it so I was very pleased.

I have wanted to knit some socks for daughter no.4 and last weekend I found a knitting shop unexpectedly while hubby and I were checking out cars in a Vauxhall garage. The lady was so kind and when I told her I was interested in sock knitting she asked if I had time for a quick demo (which I did, of course!) and there and then she went through the basics. She sent me off with "the easiest sock pattern she has come across" and some wool, dpns and even some free stitch markers. Back home I was excited to have a go asap and managed a few rows of the ribbing. However it didn't look quite right. So lo and behold we had to go back to the garage to test drive another car so I took the opportunity to pop into the wool shop. Sure enough I hadn't done it quite right so we took it down and started again and this time I do believe I am on track. Guess what? This sock is coming with me on the train tomorrow and will be around for my solo evenings in a travel lodge!!

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driftwood said...

good luck with the new job, hope it all goes well, have fun with the socks on the train.