Sunday, 13 January 2008

New Slippers and Change!

I bought a new pair of slippers well before Christmas but they stayed in the bag until this week. When they first arrived I opened them up and tried them on for fit (they were very similar to ones I had had before from Lands End) and although they fitted fine, they felt strange and not so comfortable so I put them back in the bag and carried on wearing my worn out ones!! Until last week when I thought this was rather silly really, looking at the state of the ones I was wearing and having spent the money on new ones, I should be wearing those. So I got them out of the bag and put them on again. Same feeling, not as comfy as my old ones, kept slipping off, just not the same etc etc. But I decided to persevere and carried on wearing them all morning. During the late afternoon I realised that they no longer felt strange, uncomfortable or were slipping off - they had moulded to my feet more by now I guess and I saw an analogy with change! So often we put off doing something different or in a different way because it feels uncomfortable, strange, awkward, not like it usually does etc and change more often than not feels like this initially. We have to go through the discomfort and awkwardness to get to the more comfortable in time. We mustn't be put off by these feelings as they too will pass. So often we resist at this point and run back to the familiar (in my case the old slippers!) It was interesting to ponder and to be reminded of all the change-management stuff I have done in the past, particularly as tomorrow begins a change of occupation for me!

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