Monday, 7 September 2009

Winners and Weddings!!

Everyone is a winner!  Thank you for your comments and reasons that you are cheerful.  I will get these goodies out to you this week and you can have fun anticipating which one of these you might have coming in the post to you!

So you will remember that daughter no.3 is getting married on October 24th - less than 50 days to go now and they are counting down.  All the plans are coming together and it is all very exciting.  On Saturday daughter no. 3 and I went shopping for my outfit.  It is tricky is all I am going to say!  I haven't bought a wedding outfit before and even when I went to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party last year I recycled an outfit (albeit a lovely kebaya from Malaysia) for the occasion.  And of course there is so much black in the shops now plus I had no idea just how expensive such outfits might be!  I did try a lovely dress on in Cath Kidston (the one on the cover of the magazine currently) and it fitted perfectly but I am not sure what I would wear with it to make it more weddingy if you know what I mean.  So I have three days in London this week for various meetings and will try to look some more.  Any thoughts?

In the afternoon we did bridesmaid (the three sisters are bridesmaids) dress organising and went to visit the dressmaker who will make these up for us in three different colours according to daughter no.3's instructions.  It's going to be a colourful wedding!  I'll keep you posted about the outfit.

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Tracy said...

Such excitement with the wedding... These days will fly! Enjoy every moment... :o) And thank you for the fun of the giveaway, Sheila. :o) Such lovely gifts--thanks! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

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