Thursday, 3 September 2009

Vive La France!

Back from a little trip to France, where space, fields and open roads pan out before you and somehow you feel like you just need to take a deep sigh and breathe out! Our first stop was at Charmontois, at a little farm just for the night to break the journey. Here there was complete silence except for farm animals early in the morning. The sun was warm and bright and we just ate the remains of our picnic for supper before we settled into the delicious quiet of the night.
Then it was on to Cluny for a some nights in this little place

whose little sign 'attention au chat - chat fort suseptible' had us intrigued. It turned out that the ginger chat (whom we didn't ever see) had a somewhat volatile nature and could not be trusted with guests who might want to stroke and adore it!!
Our little guest room for the duration looked like this:

and was charming and very comfortable. We spent our days here at Taize which is a delightful community with some teaching in the morning, discussion groups in the afternoon and services in the evening. We had very simple lunches and dinners there in the tent or on the grass and our task for the time we were there was to clean up after lunch so much wiping of benches and tables and sweeping of concrete took place - even though it was 38 degrees most days!!!

From here we went on to visit my penfriend and her family at Thonon Les Bains just other other side of Geneva and on the shore of the lake. It is such a beautiful spot and we had a wonderful time together catching up, enjoying the speciality food of the region - fillets de perches.

Last year we spent a whole week in the region and as the weather turned and was cloudy on our only full day there I wasn't able to take any photos of the wonderful mountains but you can see them under the heading Lakes and Mountains last August.
Then it was a case of making our way back up towards home staying for a little while in the middle of nowhere with just sweetcorn for company in the fields and lakes beyond but more of that perhaps tomorrow.

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Tracy said...

*sigh*....sooo gorgeous! Looks like you had the best time, Sheila...such beautiful places, fun and food! I especially love that photo of the window...I have a thing for windows and light. ;o) Welcome home, my friend... and so glad to have you back in blogland. Happy weekend ((HUGS))

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