Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Crazy weekend!

Whew!  We seemed to pack a lot into the weekend with some crazy planning from some of the family.  It started with overnight guests on Thursday x 1 and then x 5 on Friday in preparation for daughter no.3's hen party (I do hate that title, bridal shower sounds so much nicer!!).  Meanwhile I (way back in June I think) had booked myself on an introduction to free machine quilting for the whole day on Saturday - yes, just 4 weeks to the wedding and here I am trotting off for a day on something totally unrelated.  To add to this, I discovered I couldn't take my own machine (very basic and no dropping of feed-dogs!!) so had to take my mother in law's which I had never used before.  I'll save you the rest of the story but it was a great deal of fun and this was the result:

We did a trial piece first of all and then tackled several different stitches in a nine patch effect.  I didn't finish all of mine so there are some gaps but of course just after I took this photo someone thought it was just for him!

as this is usual morning nap space!

So I came home from the course and mowed the lawn (as you do!), did all the laundry from the guest beds and made a card for hubby's birthday the next day - yes a birthday as well!
There was smoked salmon crostini

Asian style chicken salad from Jamie Oliver see recipe here.  I make it as a main course usually and it is one of hubby's favourites.  This was all followed by a coffee and walnut cake which was not coffee tasting enough at all.  Does anyone have a good recipe to follow for one of these?
Needless to say, I fell into bed on Sunday evening and went straight to sleep!


driftwood said...

gosh what a weekend, no wonder you are under the weather today xxx

who was the course with? your quilting looks lovely, and clearly comfy too !

can't help with the coffee cake sorry, I'm a chocolate girl xx

Zoe said...

Sounds like a lovely, busy weekend. I've finally thanked you on my blog for the lovely parcel. Sorry I took so long.

Tracy said...

Your intro to machine quilting looks terrific, Sheila--beautiful! And it must be good--it's gotten kitty-cat nap approval--LOL! So sweet! Such wonderful food---this is making me hungry! I'd love a bit of the salmon crostini and cake...mmm... Happy Day, Sheila ((HUGS))

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