Monday, 21 September 2009

Five weeks to go and it's getting very exciting!

Oh, I can hardly believe it is only five weeks to daughter no. 3's wedding!  This Saturday we had a wonderful time visiting the church they will get married in which is in Virginia Water (a couple of hours from where we live but the groom's home town).  Then we went on to the venue which is in Windsor Great Park!!

and which is surrounded by this

and this

Then we went on to a large garden centre which has the most amazing floristry section and together (how lovely is that!) we chose L's hand-tied posy, an arrangement for the church which will come on to the reception and flowers for the sisters and buttonholes for the ushers etc and a creamy rose and pearl corsage for the mothers.  Just take a look at the range of flowers in this place!

And I saw these gorgeous coloured pots as we were leaving and couldn't resist taking photos, although by this time the family were wondering what on earth I was doing going around taking photos of everything!!

We were taken into a little room at the back which looked like this:

and pondered about colours, styles and how much it would all cost (such a nuisance this last one!) and in the end we got there and daughter no.3 and son in law-to-be are very happy.
Then we went off to meet the grandparents of son in law-to-be and whose membership of the venue (cricket club) made it possible for us to have the reception there, and then on to have a quick look at the lake and waterfall and finally to the happy couple's new flat which they will live in when they are married.  For me the day just seemed to bring the forthcoming event to life and I am now very excited indeed and must get that outfit very soon!!!  Hope you all have a very good week.


Tracy said...

Wow, Shelia...this is so exciting, and such fun to have a little behind the scenes of what's happening now! :o) So, what flowers were decided on? Or will we have to be surprised later?! Look at all those flowers... heaven! Hard to decide for sure, there are so many beautiful flowers and ways to arrange them. Hubby & I had a very ultra-simple wedding with just closest family, made things easier...and certainly less expensive too--LOL! Can't wait for more news when you can share. Happy Days counting down to the big occasion! ((HUGS))

Zoe said...

Hi Sheila

The Wedding Plans look very exciting and looking forward to possibly a snippet of photos from the Big Day.

driftwood said...

wow those flowers are amazing, like a rainbow in a shop! xx

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