Monday, 14 September 2009

Vive La France - part two

Last holiday post I left you with lakes, today there are rivers, flowers, cathedrals and french markets, come with me on a visit to Troyes:

Lots of wooden buildings, very old and higgledy piggeldy
Then there was the cathedral itself - an amazing structure
And fountains nearby
And then on to the tiny village of Wassy on Thursday for their delightful market
I discovered mirabelles, tiny yellow plums which are very sweet and make excellent jam so I thought as we were on our way home I would collect just two kilos - as you do

So there are some very nice pots of jam standing in my cupboard and there were enough left over for une tarte as well.  I love France!

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Tracy said...

Plum jam...mmm...and memories of your trip jarred up--love that! It looks sooo beautiful all the place you went on your summer holiday, Sheila. Those half-timer building and faded facades speak so much of history and times it! Thank you for sharing. Happy Days ((HUGS))