Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Picnic Time

This is Scotney Castle in Kent which is a National Trust Property and where we had our lovely summer picnic en famille on Sunday. This was to celebrate daughter no. 4 getting a place at Central St. Martin's for menswear fashion design! So unfortunately the rest of my photos are all family ones and I agreed with everyone that they would not appear on my blog! Young ladies need their privacy. I didn't even manage to get a picture of the rather scrumptious strawberry sponge cake we had as dessert although as we didn't actually have lunch until around 3pm perhaps it is not so surprising that it got eaten rather quickly.

It was a lovely day of sunshine and there was lots of space to walk around the estate and in the gardens. We were too late for an admission into the house on the site but I think we shall go back again sometime.

When we got back home, having dropped daughters off at various stations, I seemed to have plenty of energy left and got going with mowing the lawn (hubby has hayfever badly so this is my job all summer), and two hours of ironing (my fault because I haven't done it for ages) but I did discover these while I was at the bottom of the garden:

Our first crop of raspberries!

After many hours in front of the computer today I am now craving some craft time so as there will be only daughter no.4 coming in tonight later, I think I will dash up to my desk and get going on some cards at least.


driftwood said...

congratulations to your daughter ! and your day out sounds lovely!

Kristin said...

mmm... those raspberries look delicious!

Simone said...

Mowing the lawn is my job too! I have raspbery canes in the garden but alas no raspberries yet!