Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Love in a Mist and Love of 30 years!

I love these flowers, so delicate and pretty. I planted seeds a couple of years ago and they have now spread out making a lovely display.
Well today we celebrate 30 years of being married! Although we are not really celebrating today as we have booked to have a longer weekend away in the Cotswolds at the end of the week. I really do have my knight in shining armour! He is my best friend and a very lovely husband and father and a very special person in every way. I consider myself a very lucky/blessed lady. I have ummed and ahhed about posting photos of people on this blog and I know a lot do this regularly but I thought it might be fun to post a 1978 and a 2008 photo so here they are:

Note P has lost most of his hair but I have managed to retain mine fortunately!

So time to think about packing, as I shall be travelling for work all day tomorrow and not getting home until midnight and we are setting off early on Thursday. Hmmm, must remember the knitting (one sock done now so on to the other one before daughter no.4 goes to Uni in September), crochet (need to decide what I am doing with the next blanket as something is not right with the pattern I have started, sewing (I want to embroider a strawberry or two on a teatowel for a dear friend who is having her kitchen redecorated with strawberry paper, and of course I shall take some books. We hope to do a lot of walking if the weather is nice although I have no idea of the forecast. It will just be so nice to be together without the pressures of work etc.
So I shall be posting Thoughtful Friday on Thursday this week - just in case you thought I might forget! Hope you all have a great week.


Simone said...

Congratulations on 30 years! I have been married for 20 years on the 18th of June! Have a lovely time away in the Cotswolds. I haven't forgotten about the tag. I will probably do it when I have something else to write about too!

driftwood said...

congrats on your 30 years! love the 1978 photo! hope you have a really lovely weekend away!

Kristin said...

Congratulations! 30 years, wow! I really hope that me and mine will be that fortunate and really stick together through thick and thin like you too have.

Lovely flowers too!