Friday, 20 June 2008

In The Country

Last weekend we had four days in this delightful little cottage, complete with wood stove.
As it was so cold we actually had the woodstove burning and the central heating on!!! However we did have a lovely time and Saturday was warmer and the sun was shining so we took some time out here
and here

and took time to smell the roses

And to do some embroidery

Here I am using the strawberry transfer out of the The Stitch It Kit by Jenny Hart which I am using to help me get back into embroidery after many years away.

It was lovely to have time together and to sit in front of a roaring fire - something we cannot do at home and the cottage was beautifully and tastefully decorated too.

One amusing event was we stopped off for coffee on the way and I just happened to see an Oxfam shop lurking close by and said to P that I would pop in while he went to the bank!! He came to find me and I couldn't get him out of there!!! It was a books and music Oxfam and he ended up with an armful of books which he was absolutely delighted with and I bought nothing!!! You have to understand that this is a man who hates shopping and rarely does it, only when he has to or he is with me on holiday!!

On another note, I can't believe today is the first day of summer! I am sitting here feeling very chilly with a number of layers on - it just has to get warmer. On Sunday we are celebrating daughter no.4 getting into the Uni of her choice and the way she has chosen for us to celebrate is a picnic! So I am hoping for high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Hope you have a good weekend and the sun shines where you are.


The Hobbit said...

Hello Sheila, holiday looks lovely. Roses are beautiful and time alone with hubby is always precious.Just letting you know I linked you on my tag My next post will have a few more nomes to keep the game going.All this blogging is helping me keep up with this ever-changing world but, I'm still always a day behind. Thanks for your patience.

Simone said...

I had the stitch it kit bought for me a few months ago. I have not started using it yet as I was a bit put off with the fabric supplied, so I'll have to buy some different fabric. The cottage looked lovely, warm and cosy. I hope the weather is good for us all at the weekend. My garden really needs a good sort out and tidy up!