Thursday, 10 April 2008

Simple pleasures - things that bring us joy

I have been challenged this week by the latest email newsletter from Cheryl Richardson who is such an inspiration. If you haven't discovered her then do go take a look. I have read a number of her books and am just reading The Unmistakable touch of Grace at the moment. It is excellent. Anyway each week Cheryl sends out an email of inspiration with a weekly challenge and this week was all about us connecting with the things that bring us joy, simple things not necessarily things that cost money. Her challenge was for me to make a list of the things that gave me pleasure and to connect with this whenever I feel stressed or out of balance. So here are some of my things not necessarily in any order:

1. Doing some crochet, knitting or sewing
2. Watching an episode of Frasier
3. Talking to one of my daughters on the phone
4. Reading crafty blogs!
5. Lighting a scented candle (lavender and rosewood are my favourites with clary sage coming in at 3rd place and grapefruit 4th)
6. Taking a walk in the woods or by water
7. Thrift shopping (see the latest little treasures below)
8. Making cards or other type of papercraft
9. Baking bread
10. Making soup
So I wonder what some of your little pleasures would be? Do let me know.
Not the best of pictures but these were delightful embroidered tray cloths and two pillowcases.

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driftwood said...

what a really lovely idea, and I think you made a great list.
for me it would have to include a lovely cup of tea, curling up with a good book, lying in bed on sunday mornings with ALL the family in it, including the cats, and of course a stolen hour to catch up with all my blog pals!