Monday, 14 April 2008

Meet the boys!

Here they are, some of my favourite owls! There is Oscar the snowy owl and the biggest in the picture here who was given to me in one of those postal tubes very secretly for a birthday when the girls were small. I didn't suspect a thing and I am one of the best at finding out about pressies. It was such a surprise that I got very excited and the girls still remember it now. Next to him is Ernest. He really belongs to daughter no.4 , not that she really wants him at the moment but he has been very loved so much so that his fur is all lumpy and matted. In front of him is a baby owl, again given to me on a birthday, whose name is Archie. And at the very front is this little guy:
He was made by the very talented Amy at Lucykate Crafts who has just recently opened her own Etsy Shop. She makes some gorgeous toys and bags so do go and have a look for yourself.
Meanwhile if you came to my house you would discover that I liked owls fairly quickly because as you come through the front door you would see these:

And of course there are more but I won't bore you with any more photos, I am sure you get the idea.
So what do you collect? Do leave me a comment and let me know.
And come back around the end of the week because I think I might have something to giveaway - not an owl I hasten to add.
Tomorrow I am off to see my very good quilting friend for some advice on how to finish my first quilt in the best way. Hope you have had a good start to the week.


driftwood said...

I've already admitted on my blog to collecting cook books, but actually looking round the house I have quite a few suncatchers that hand in the windows, so maybe I collect those too!
love your owls!

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