Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Letters are better!

This was an article in the Saturday Times magazine about the fact that many of us still love to write letters! Hooray! Apparently the Royal Mail processed 135 million postcards last year, 30 million more than in 2005. And combining old with new, websites such as are organising postcard exchanges for those who want to sign up and receive cards from people all over the world. Also someone at Smythson (an elite London stationer) says finding a letter among the bills and junk mail is captivating; "there's luxury to receiving handwritten letters. It brings joy to the recipient. People are starting to remember that". It is really a joy to receive a handwritten letter and when I see one come through the letter box I am truly delighted. This reminder made me want to make a pact with myself to write more letters to the wonderful friends I have.
My penfriend in Canada and I used to write regularly but now we email mostly although she is very good at sending postcards when she goes visiting places. Picking fun writing paper or cards and stickers for envelopes are all part of the fun in putting something in the mail. And it reminds me that we are actually going to see my penfriend in France in just a week's time. We started writing to one another over 30 years ago but alas letters are all too infrequent now. I did have a lovely surprise card this week from someone- a Jane Brocket card actually and it was so nice to see it in the post, all handwritten and just waiting for me to stop for a moment and take time to r e e e e a a a a a d d d d it at leisure.

I also listened to a fun podcast recently on Craftsanity where Semara O'Shea, who is someone who loves to write letters and even does it for other people, shares her philosophy and some information about the two books she has written.

So I am off to write a letter - to daughter no.2 in Uganda as one of her close friends is visiting this month and can take it with her along with some goodies.

But before I go I must tell you that I am very much hoping to do a giveaway on Friday in celebration of the fact that there has been a year of Thoughtful Friday's on here now. So hope to see you Friday!

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