Monday, 3 August 2009

Another visit to Lacock

Just last week we were visiting a conference where hubby was manning a stand and on our way we looked in at Lacock. It is such a lovely little village and very picturesque. The BBC drama Cranford was filmed there as were two of the Harry Potter movies (filmed in Lacock Abbey which you can see below)

We stopped for a cup of tea at a delightful tea shop and sat down at a bench in the garden area. Look at this muma of a teapot!! Only for decoration purposes.

This is more like it! Two delicate cups and a very delicious piece of coffee and walnut cake to share! Then it was on to a delightful little shop

(check out the plants growing in the wellie boots on the step!) which sold all sorts of handmade soaps and lotions. Finally (and hubby was very patient while I browsed) we made it to our b and b where we stayed in a log cabin in the garden next to the main house where we went for breakfast. It was a gorgeous little place and we were very glad of it as much of the week was very wet indeed so we were able to stay in and read or in my case sew, knit, crochet or quilt - yes, I brought it all with me as well as my computer and work!!! There wasn't any internet access except in the house so I just about kept things going with a few mins before breakfast and before bedtime. Here is the outside

This is the view from the windows

And now the inside:

All in all it was a lovely week and of course I took the quilt to my mother in law but pictures of that we will save for tomorrow!

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Tracy said...

What a wonderful outing to Lacock! Your photos are beautiful, Sheila... and it looks such a delightful place for real. I loved "Cranford" to see where it was filmed must have been such fun. Glad you had a great break. Thanks for taking us along with you! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

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