Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Busy fingers!

Yes, the hands have been busy finishing off some things for others and creating some new ones! First up on the catwalk is the patchwork cushion for daughter no.1's friend. The request was all things lavender and lilac please so here we are:

Then there is the rear view

And a close up of some cute buttons I decided to include.
Next up is the delightful crochet cushion cover made from Peaches and Creme cotton, colourway "winter berry" obtained from First4yarns . It is a great cotton to work with and I just love love love the colourways. And the pattern, well it's just a giant granny square really.

And finally, the favourite and therapeutic art of felting had me rubbing and dubbing to create these little lovelies. One for a lovely friend who has a birthday next month and loves purple.
And this one which started out life as a tea cosy for my special friend in Canada but which turned out rather larger than intended so has become a sort of bag without handles - or a bathroom bag as daughter no.3 likes to call it!!! Not sure it will be in the bathroom but we shall see!
So I am getting my projects ready to take on holiday on Saturday when we are away for two weeks in France. Now what shall they be I wonder? A beanie hat for daughter no. 4's boyfriend who has a birthday at the end of this month is a must; the quilt for daughter no.2 although that could be a bit big; there has to be some crochet so either squares or the start of another blanket perhaps using yarn/cotton I have on hand? Then there must be a little embroidery too and of course the art journal with some paints and pencils - good job we are going by car otherwise there would be no room for clothes I suspect at this rate!!!


Tracy said...

My goodness but you've been very busy, Sheila--wow! LOVE all the lilac & lavender shaded cushions...that patchwork is so pretty--and I greatly admire your crochet. Those felted bags are terrific--and I like how you made the one without handles to use like a basket--brilliant! Happy Day, Sheila ((HUGS)) Lovely to see you posting so much lately ;o)

ADonald466 said...

Well done on all those fished projects - I am lagging woefully behind at the moment! I am busy knitting a baby shawl, but as the expectant Mum reads my blog, I can't post about it!