Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It is finished!

I managed to finish the first single bed size (small) quilt I have made using the disappearing nine-patch technique!! This was a gift for my mother in law who is 83 and who is someone who has done so much sewing for me and the girls over the years. As I hand-quilted the small hearts around the edge I remembered all that she had made for us; there were long dresses for me out of Laura Ashley fabric (it was the 80's!!); then maternity dresses; a dressing gown (again Laura Ashley fabric and I still have it!!) for me when I went into hospital to have my twins - she made a style that could be extended to fit the huge bump I had before and then a more slender model for afterwards; a wool suit for work; dressing gown for hubby; knitted cardis, hats, jumpers forthe girls; pinafore dresses for the girls and then as they got older something a little more stylish. She helped me with my own sewing as my mum didn't sew at all and now she has passed me her trusty Frister Rossman sewing machine!! I feel very blessed to have been tutored by her not only in sewing but also in knitting. During our engagement I knitted two cable fronted jumpers for my 6ft 4in hubby - I thought those arms would never end!!! and dear J helped me with them when I got in a muddle.
So it was with great love and gratitude that I made this quilt and gave it to her to keep her cosy as she has her afternoon nap. I am so glad I have been able to do it and I think she was quite delighted.

And of course there was someone who was very willing to try it out and see if it was comfortable before I took it away!!

Just testing it you understand!!


driftwood said...

it's lovely, and what a thrill to be able to pay back with love all those lessons and things she's made for you xox

Tracy said...

The quilt is GORGEOUS, Sheila... it is sooo beautiful! I really love the choices of colors and fabrics. And there Disappearing 9 Patch is so satisfying, isn't it? (I'm still working on mine!) Your MIL looks very happy with her new quilt... And so does your fur-baby there. So glad it passes "inspection"--LOL! Thanks for sharing this great project with us. Happy weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

ADonald466 said...

Just catching up after a hectic week! Your quilt is lovely - and all the more so because of the love with which you made it!!