Thursday, 2 April 2009

Instalment 2

These beautiful lillies came from daughter no.1 for my birthday last Sunday!  Poor daughters two Sundays of pressies and celebrations for their mother! But I had a lovely weekend with all sorts of delights and pleasures.  Let me tell you about some of them!  Saturday I opened some of the many presents I had from my lovely friends
some fabulous magazines from the US

some gorgeous polish pottery that I have been eyeing for the last two years!

a combination of two of my loves - patchwork and owls - someone knows me well!

a quilting kit and a lovely film which I saw at Christmas but really want to see again.
So after this feast of goodies, P and I set off for a day in Lewes, East Sussex where we pottered around and had a spot of light lunch and a walk around the castle before heading off to Seaford to catch a glimpse of the sea before the rain and hail set in.  Then it was home to open a few more pressies and do some serious reading of magazines!

Sunday came (my actual birthday) and a beautiful heart painting in a handpainted frame awaited me from daughter no.1 before she had to dash off for the day.  Daughters 3 and 4 came for lunch again and I was treated to some special wool from Liberty of London and the promise of tea there with daughter no.4.  The afternoon got underway with a game of Settlers of Catan - a great board game if you have never come across it.  The unique thing about it is that the board changes every time you play!  All in all a very delightful weekend.

The Dog and Patchwork shop in Lewes was a must-see.  Oh, what lovely goodies they had.

The storm clouds were brewing as we left Seaford and on the way home we had heavy hailstones.

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