Thursday, 9 April 2009

Crafty things

Here is the finished crochet blanket I have been working on for a while.  I just love the colours of this wool.  It is Bernat Picasso and from the US (I haven't been able to find a supplier here, I got it from Mary Maxim in the US) and was lovely to work with.

Also a crochet cafetiere cosy which I made using Peaches and Creme cotton, again from the US but available here from First4yarns.
Another little thing I have been experimenting with is decoupage:

I covered this little heart box in a couple of sheets of special decoupage paper using a varnish type glue and it has a great effect. Apparently you can do this on any surface, wood, metal, cardboard etc so it seems very versatile indeed.  Can't wait to do more.

I am just snucking away from the guests I have staying here for Easter (mother in law and her friend) so mustn't be too long but I will leave you with some new pics of Max and Mollie!!

I hope you have a lovely Easter.  


ADonald466 said...

I love the blanket - it makes me want to polish up my crochet skills!

driftwood said...

Happy Easter Sheila.
lovely colours in your crochet, and what a cute box.
hope the kitties have a happy Easter too - our kitties have had lots of fun with a fluffy Easter chick decoration that was not for them to play with......... tess x

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