Friday, 24 April 2009

Exciting News!

Daughter no.3 announced her engagement this week and we are SO excited.  She has known A for over a year now and he is a delightful young man; it is very evident that they love each other very much.  They are hoping to be married this October so lots of planning for them to do.  And it will mean that daughter no.2 will come back from Uganda for the celebration - what a bonus!
I just had to have a look at a gorgeous book I managed to get second hand - The Handcrafted Wedding by Sara Lugg.  I just love Sarah's work and this book based on her own wedding is a feast for the eyes.  I couldn't resist just photographing a few pages for you to look at.  I'm not sure daughter no.3 will want to do any of this but there are some lovely ideas not just for weddings.


driftwood said...

congratulations to your daughter xx
and what fun, a wedding to plan, I love the look of that book. when my sister in law got married I appliqued hearts on cotton napkins to match the colour scheme, so pretty, but quite a lot of work..... those napkins with the flowers one are so cute xx

Tracy said...

Congratulations on your daughter's engagement...and your gaining a son! :o) What fun you all will have with the wedding...That book and ideas are terrific. Do keep us posted, Sheila! Happy Days ((HUGS))

The Hobbit said...

That is exciting.Congratulations to and best wishes to the new couple.I think those bright colors are perfect for a joyous occasion.