Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What's been going on here at Tea and Toast? Instalment 1

I've been a very sporadic blogger of late and you might be wondering what has been going on here.  Well, it's been busy with family and with work so I thought I might just try and update you on things generally.  How about we start with Mother's day?  Remember we have daughter no.1 living with us just now and when I got up on the Sunday morning she had set a delightful breakfast table for me as above.
It was a lovely surprise.  She is an artist and always inspires me with her creativity.  Last evening when I had been working late and it was getting on for 10.30pm, she said to me "Come on Mum, let's paint in our sketchbooks". So we put the wonderful bunch of lillies she bought me for my birthday (last weekend) on the dining room table and she brought down her gouache paints and we set to.  It was a real joy.  She will be moving out next week, not far away, but I shall miss her terribly.

So back to mother's day, after church daughters 3 and 4 came for lunch and then we took a ride into Kent to one of our favourite tea shops.  We were quite a crowd walking in for a cup of tea and piece of cake (there were 7 of us!!).  It was a happy time, walking in the Spring sunshine, breathing in the cool air and listening to the birds and sheep.  I love being with my family and their friends, each one brings something different, dynamic and enriching to our mix.

Then it was back home and some went on their way and some stayed to watch the wonderful photography on the programme about Yellowstone National Park.  It was a lovely lovely day.

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