Sunday, 21 September 2008


There have been lots of views like these over the last few weeks with all my train travel but it wasn't SO bad as I did get to listen to more podcasts! If you are a quilter you will be interested in Annie's Quilting Stash a podcast all about quilting with interviews and news. On Friday evening on the way back from Manchester I listened to a fun podcast with Annie interviewing two sisters in law both with the same name (Elizabeth Hawkins!) who have a quilting business in the US - Lizziebcre8ive. Do check them out.
A great way to get back home full of inspiration! But I had already decided that I had had enough HR over the last week and needed a little more inspiration(!) so took myself off early on Saturday morning to the Creative Stitch and Craft show at Sandown. To be honest I was disappointed. I had been there some years ago in January and it was brimming with fabric and yarn stands but this time it was only on one level and a real mix with some people selling walnut crackers - yes! and hoovers - yes! but one stand I wanted to visit was that of Blooming felt .
Sarah had a beautiful stand with gorgeous felt balls and the most delightful buttons all in glass jars looking more like a sweet shop where you just had to have a pick and mix! I was keen to buy a little something that would help me get to grips with felting so I bought a little penguin whom I hope you will meet soon! Do check out Sarah's website. I am sure you will be tempted by all her lovely things.

Sometimes you just need those creative bursts - opportunities to get out and see what others are doing or to just walk around a lot of beautiful things. I didn't stay too long as I was tired and I knew the housework was calling me!!! But with renewed energy on my return home I was able to clean the bathroom, hoover upstairs and downstairs and clean the kitchen floor.
I rewarded that time and energy with a creative burst of my own for a dear friend's birthday this week and made up a patchwork cushion and card.

The card hasn't come out too clearly on here but has a variety of add-ons like lace, brads and some ribbon words which say, create, inspire, believe. I hope she likes it!

Today has been such wonderful sunshine, hubby and I took some time out to go and lay in the grass in a big open field surrounded by trees. I forgot to take my camera! I actually took the empty camera case!! He has some big decisions to make jobwise in the next week or so which means we have been talking this through whenever we are alone - it's quite a stress but I find the best way to deal with it all is to get my knitting or sewing out and get those hands busy busy.

Then it was back home to do the laundry, change the bed and tidy up a bit with a fun tea for all of us - American Pancakes

I'm pretty sure I have posted recipe for these before but I don't know how to link to it so that is something I will have to put on my to do list to find out. They are oatmeal and we have them with maple syrup or golden syrup - very yummy!
Some major things happening this week: daughter no.1 takes her driving test; daughter no.4 needs to find accommodation as she starts Uni a week tomorrow!!; I need a new computer and need to make a decision regarding whether it is a Mac or a PC - any views on this welcome; and I am running a conference for 80 people on Thursday! I think that is all for now.
I hope you have all have a great week.

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Tracy said...

Great to catch up with you here! And glad you had a good time away. Being American, I love American pancakes ;o) But my Norwegian hubby makes fantastic America-style pancake...better than I do--LOL! Love your teacup banner...And thanks so much for visiting me :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))