Wednesday, 17 September 2008

It's been a while....

since I last posted on my blog but I knew life would be very busy in September when I returned from holiday and it certainly is. Today there is just a tiny window so I thought I would celebrate September! So what do I like about September?Changing leaves, especially those that turn such a gorgeous shade of red!
I love walking in the woods and seeing all the different leaves turning their different colours and hearing the crunching underfoot
collecting leaves to bring home and look at for a few days as a little bit of 'fall' decorating

I love late Clematis in the garden
and my first ever home grown pumpkin!
and the wonderful colours of the crocheted Afghan I am making

There are lots of other things I would love to share but this will need to suffice. Tomorrow I head up North for two days (could be the last of my travelling for a bit!) so Thoughtful Friday will be a little late by the time I get back on Friday evening. Enjoy September - we are already half-way through, can you believe it?

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Tracy said...

September...glorious autumn has begun! Love your fall-flavored photos here...Happy Days :o)