Monday, 1 September 2008

Lakes and Mountains

Time to come back to reality! What a wonderful time we had though with such magnificent scenery. We stayed for the most part at this little chalet in the mountains:
where we had our breakfast and dinner provided true country french style with typical dishes from the region. Dinner was late - around 8 or 9pm and this meant that really we didn't need any other food all day!! Life is so much slower in France and there is so much space. Here is a picture of the view from Le Chalet:
Imagine waking up to that every day of your life? And everywhere was strewn with flowers:
And the markets were fulll of good, wholesome food,
the shops with lots of heart-shaped and vintage style creations,

and there were glacial streams everywhere
and cows with 'clochettes' ringing throughout the hillsides (this one kindly posed for me, knowing you would all be very interested in how they wore their bells!)

There is much more of course that I could tell but time does not allow. This month is crazy workwise and I am off up to Middlesborough this week and Leeds next week for meetings plus we have family birthdays looming and daughters 3 and 4 coming back from their travels.
However I can't resist letting you have a little peak at Mont Blanc. I was so excited when I saw it as we turned the corner. It is truly a fantastic sight if you like mountains as I do - just so spectactular and certainly not something I see on a regular basis anywhere near where I live.
Isn't it terrific? We spent one day at Chamoix and took the train and cable car up to La Mer de Glace. You can go up nearer to Mont Blanc but it was very expensive so we kept things simple as we did for all the holiday really. It was very refreshing being in the mountain air and the sun shone all week for which we were really grateful. But I must stop because this is the 100th post and I want to do another post telling you about a giveaway!

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driftwood said...

it looks fantastic, and I hope you feel refreshed and ready for your busy trips to the north - we ALWAYS get lost in Middlesboro so watch out, I think there is a black hole, or a bermuda triangle there somewhere!