Sunday, 28 September 2008

Crazy Life!

I love this peaceful shot in the Autumn sunshine. It's a far cry from this past week which has been crazy to say the least but I knew it was going to be just looking at the diary. Trips to London for various meetings and then hosting the conference and all that goes with this - welcoming, lots of talking, introducing speakers etc etc. It was a successful time with over 35 new people coming along so we were pleased. Then back into London the following day for meetings, after which I had to scour Oxford Street for a birthday gift for hubby! You might have thought it was easy to find a wash bag for a man in central London but if you did, I can tell you that it definitely isn't!!! John Lewis only have one to offer you and it costs £40 because it is leather!!! Well, this I didn't want so ended up finding something locally in Debenhams. But at the end of this long day and long week, I decided it was time for a little treat and took myself off to All the Fun of the Fair which is a tiny shop just off Carnaby Street selling wool and haberdashery items - the home of knitted cup cakes and the like. If you are in London and want to visit the yarn stores then John Lewis, Liberty, Loop and this little place make fun visits.

I met a lovely lady in there and we chatted about 'the need to find some time in each day just to knit or sew, a bit like an addiction but much less harmful!!' I instantly felt rejuvenated and fuelled to make the next visit which was to the Apple store to talk about a new laptop! I had some questions I needed to find out answers to and wanted to talk to someone rather than use the internet. That said, it was a fairly brief conversation in the end because as far as the chap I spoke to was concerned it was easy 'why should anyone NOT want to go the Mac route and why did I even think I might still want to use Windows?!!!' I am still pondering but this week will see me make a choice as the need is great as this little computer has passed its sell-by date.

So yesterday was hubby's birthday and we had a special celebration meal (his favourite) and all the girls came home for it and we watched a movie together which was fun. There was enough leftovers today for dinner so we hopped out into the country and sat in the glorious sunshine, reading and enjoying these last warm days, before getting back and mowing the lawn and having some tea and toast!

So hopefully, normal service will be resumed this week with a post or two before Thoughtful Friday. I hope you have had a good weekend and the sun was shining where you are.


driftwood said...

sounds like a hectic but lovely week. xx

Tracy said...

Hi! So great to catch up with you here at last...Such a lot going on! I know the feeling...busy days here too--there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day, nor enough days in a week--LOL! So glad your hubby had a wonderful birthday celebration...And thanks for sharing the autumn glorly in your photo at the top! Happy Days ((HUGS))