Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Craft Sanity

As you know I have been travelling quite a bit with my work over the last few months and this week it was up to Sheffield and back. During these long journeys I usually work and prepare on the way there but on the way back I treat myself to a podcast, usually from Craftsanity. I downloaded all the podcasts I was interested in and am now working my way through them. They are very inspirational, I have to say and if you haven't ever listened to one then do give it a try. Today I was listening to Betz White being interviewed and it was fascinating to hear how she got into felting and her own business. I recommend it!

Now these lavender cupcakes featured in my last post and Pink Purl asked me for the recipe so here we are:

150g soft butter

150g caster sugar

150g self raising flour

1 teaspn baking powder

3 large eggs

a couple of tiny spriggs of lavender (just the flowers stipped off the stalks)

Mix everything in a food processor if you have one or a mixer or by hand and put in large muffin cases (this quantity makes 12 good size cakes) and bake at 175 C or Gas 4 for 20 - 25 mins - probably less for fan ovens.

When cool, ice with lavender coloured icing - I used Squire's Violet food paste and just an absolute smidgen. Top with a tiny flower of lavender and there you have them. There was just a hint of lavender fragrance in these but if you wanted to taste more then just add more flowers! Enjoy!

I shall do a post tomorrow night early for Thoughtful Friday and then I will be away for just over a week. Oh, maybe I need to do two Thoughtful Fridays then!! It will be frantic last minute work and packing tomorrow and then a very early start on Thursday - 4.30am I think for the shuttle to France at 8am. Did I tell you that we are going to visit my penfriend (we started writing to each other when we were 14!!!) who has moved back to France in the last year having lived in England for the last 20 years? Can't wait to catch up with all her news. There will be lots to share on my return so be sure to check back. Until then, I hope for all of you in the UK that the weather BRIGHTENS UP!


driftwood said...

hope you have a lovely week, those cupcakes sound delightful. xx

Tracy said...

Hi! I'm a bit late in stopping by to thank you for this recipe...better late than never, eh?! ;o) This is a lovely, easy recipe--many thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week away! ((HUGS))