Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Craft Evening!

Friday night was craft night at my house. I had arranged it back in June when I went back to my old workplace and got chatting with a friend who was beginning to take up sewing and jewellery making again. We decided that there might be others who would be interested in getting together so the date was set and I was delighted to be the host and to provide supper. There were five of us in all (3 much younger than me I might add!) and we had a delicious pasta and chicken salad with homemade bread (Pilgrim's bread again - check the archive for the recipe) and well woman bread from the farmer's marketFollowed by strawberries and blueberries and lavender cup-cakes! This was my first time at putting a little lavender inside the cakemix and on the icing - they were yummy and went down a treat. Date slices were also availabl!
I took this picture outside as the sun was still shining and it certainly produced a better photo.
So after filling our tummies after a long hard day and talking about all that we had been up to, we went into the living room and had a time of 'show and tell' with some of the crafting things we have been up to. I got out my socks and quilted cushion cover etc and others had brought cards or explained how they had made some trousers and bags. Others told of how they had been composing songs or putting together dances and it was all very inspiring. Then it was time for us to learn something new and we set off into the dining room to learn how to put a pair of earrings together as one had brought all the findings and beads necessary.
What fun we had and look at the results!(sorry about the fuzzy photos)

Then it was time to finish and for them all to go and get a train home, but before they did I gave them each a goody bag I had made especially for them. I do love making these up. It is such fun to think about what to put inside. Here they are all lined up and ready to go and see the next pic for a little view of the contents!
These included some Christmas fabric, a rubber stamp, some decorated paper, some stickers from Canada, a sewing pattern, a card made using a brayer technique with a watermark, a recipe for the date slices, some brads and a chocolate bar! I hope they liked them.
It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed hosting and preparing. Maybe we'll do it again just before Christmas. I have an idea for a Christmas Tea served in delightful bone china cups with yummy squares of all kinds, Christmas music playing the background, candles alight -ohhh I mustn't go on. We are still in summer and I want to enjoy it and not be planning too far ahead. But I wish you could come too. So many crafty bloggers with so many wonderful 'show and tell' stories and creations to share. Maybe one day we will meet..... until then we have blogs. Speaking of which I shall very soon be having my first anniversary of blogging so there will have to be something fun, maybe a giveaway. Before that we are taking a little holiday to France so maybe one more post before I leave for about 10 days and then hopefully lots of wonderful photos. If you are into quilting take a look at this wonderful quilt shop in France - not sure if I will be able to visit but I would certainly love to if possible: Magicpatch, the magazine, did a special issue featuring this shop and the Canadian who runs it. It is an absolute feast for the eyes! Enjoy! and I will be back soon. Hope you have all had a great weekend.


Tracy said...

Oh, that looks like such fun! What a great, crafty time with friends! Those lavender cupcakes are calling my name...Do you have a recipe to share for those? So many goodies you made--food-wise and craft-wise. Thanks for sharing. Happy Days ((HUGS))

The Hobbit said...

Wow We have a stitch and bitch that meets once a week but, nothing like this.You certainly do it up proud. Wish we were in your neck of the woods.