Sunday, 3 August 2008

Being back home!

It's funny, isn't it, how you look forward to getting home after being away. There is something about home that is quietness to the soul, that earths us and centres us. But what do you do when you come home to a Miss Angry or a Miss Pre-Menstrual or a Miss Ready for Independence but Not Quite? Yes, you've guessed it! Daughter no.4 was not a happy bunny when we arrived back on Friday evening and after a conversation about money matters on Saturday she was even unhappier! There was much slamming of doors and loud music and today it was words - tough words to hear which 'cut me deep' in the words of the donkey in Shrek. I know it is mainly stress (she goes away travelling for a month on Thursday and there is much to sort out before then), and some of the usual time of month stuff but I can't deny it hurts and hurts quite a lot actually. So in an effort to apply my mind to other things while she is out, I will tell you a little about last week. It was a combination of work/conference and two days holiday just outside of Wells in Somerset. Here is where we stayed:
The weather was good for the first few days and on our journey down we stopped off at Lacock (home to the filming of Cranford) which was a delight. We had a cup of tea at King John's Hunting Lodge

It is a charming village which I imagine sees lots of visitors because of the BBC series.
During the week on our days off, we visited mum-in-law who is now 82 but doing very well in her own little flat, and Wells itself where the cathedral is quite stunning and where there is a very interesting yarn shop!!!
And a very lovely walled garden with cafe/restaurant serving homemade soup and bread very reasonably and as this happens to be our favourite meal we thought we would indulge.
Then it was on to the yarn shop called Wendy's Wools in Mill Street. It has a very small frontage but I was absolutely amazed to find how big it was when inside and there was a huge amount of stock!! It was quite incredible. I asked the manager if she minded me taking a couple of photos and she and her colleague seemed a little bemused that I should want to do such a thing but I didn't spill the beans and say it was for my blog!!!

Now I expect you are wondering if I bought anything? Well, it's like this, I was on the finishing rounds of the second sock for daughter no.4 so I thought it would be a good idea to get some more sock yarn to knit for daughter no.2 who will be going overseas for two years in February 09 (that gives me a bit of time to get going on them!) so I did buy some Regia sock wool but only two balls so I think it was quite restrained really.
The journey home was gorgeous with sunshine all the way (after heavy rain during the day) and we took the A303 across Salisbury Plain and the fields were amazing
So all in all a good week where some important work got done, a seminar or two was attended, a visit to family and an outing or two, plus some concentrated time (in the car and elsewhere) to knit and sew. And there I must stop but come back soon for a post on Mindful Knitting and a glimpse of some of the projects I have finished. I hope you have had a good weekend and that there is harmony where you are just now!

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Tracy said...

LOVE all your holiday snaps! That big sky photos is my favorite...Glad you had such a grand time. Happy Days settling in home again and basking in the glow of your holidays travels :o) Stop by my place if you can--I'm having some gift giveaway fun happening this week!