Sunday, 10 August 2008

Crafty Update

I promised to give you an update on my crafty endeavours of late so here goes:
A pretty pink scarf for daughter no.1. It is a lovely pink variegated wool and I used fairly large needles to get a more lacy effect.
Then there are these, my first ever knitted socks, which (if you read this blog on a regular basis you will know) I have been knitting since around March for daughter no.4. Knitted in Arucania 100% 4ply wool (very soft) they should keep her feet very cosy indeed. They are now carefully wrapped up and awaiting her return from Hong Kong, China and Veitnam where she is currently travelling before going to Uni in September. I still haven't got the hang of the toe piece exactly but I will have more practice as I have already cast on for another pair, this time for daughter no.2 who may be going overseas for two years soon!!

I managed to finish hand-quilting this cushion cover while I was away recently and am really pleased with the result. It now looks like this:

And today I have just got the sewing bug and have sewn a couple more patchwork tops for cushions:

Not so sure about this colour combo but I was just using up the remainder of some squares I had in the stash ready cut.

So what else will I be doing now that I have finished some projects which have been on the go for a while. Well, it is definitely time for some more crochet so I have just started two crochet blankets/Afghans too. One is completely new and using the most fabulous coloured wool I bought just one large ball of in the US a couple of years ago now and the other is another go at a ripple. What is it about these Ripple Afghans!! Is it just me or is that first row a killer? Not sure whether it is because I get distracted or what, but by the time I get to the 219th chain I am never at the same place as the pattern suggests!!! I am pulling down my first row tonight AGAIN and will concentrate hard to see if I can get it to work.
Knitting Club
I went to a, fairly local but not on the doorstep, knitting club last week to try it out. I have been in the shop a few times and the folk there have always been very helpful. Well, would you believe it, I got in there and someone said "I know you!" I didn't recognise her at all but to cut a long story short it turns out we knew each other some 30 years ago just around the time I was getting married!! Anyway the owner of the wool shop was doing some lovely projects, one a lacy wrap for a bride and the other knitting with beads!!! It was quite inspiring and she has some fab ideas for the autumn one of which is to make frienship bags knitting squares in a pattern of our choice using each other's yarn and then we will all have a bag made by everyone! Not sure I will make it to the club every week but I hope to dip in again for sure.
And I haven't forgotten my promise to post something about mindful knitting - look out for it in the next post. Hope you have had a great and crafty weekend!


Tracy said...

I really enjoyed this crafty update! Love all your knitting, especially the sock...I'm still trying to master sock knitting, though I've been knitting for years! Such fun your knitting club...and running into and old acquaintance! Your quilted cushion covers are wonderful. I like your fabric pairing, especially the first one, more pastel-y. Don't you love simple, satisfying projects like that?! Happy Crafing and Happy Days ((HUGS))

The Hobbit said...

oh my haven't you been busy. Everything looks great.Doing what you love is so much more fun than doing what you have to do isn't it? Always enjoy reading your blog.